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Stocksbaazigar – An ultimate wealth creator

Stocksbaazigar -The ultimate wealth creator 

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‘Stocksbaazigar – The ultimate wealth creator’ is the first venture of Doddamani Group founded on 19th February 2018. It is Founded by Mr. Deepak Doddamani, an Entrepreneur from Virar, Maharashtra.

Since 1991, the Indian share market has grown leaps and bounds. Sensex has started at 100 in 1979 and has given huge returns from then. Since inception in 1995 Nifty has given annualized returns of 11.2 percent. Rupees 10,000 invested in Nifty in 1995 is worth Rs. 93000 today. This return has clearly beaten the inflation rate and can be considered as very good returns of investment. No doubt, Equity is the best asset class available in India for Investors.

Indian Share Market has successfully created tremendous wealth for Investors who showed great faith in equities and kept good patience in their Investment. The Indian share market has witnessed many ups and downs in its journey wiz. , Harshad Mehta Scam, Bombay Blasts, Y2K Boom and the bubble burst, Recession of 2008, Metals Slowdown of 2015  and so on. Still it has given tremendous returns to long term investors thanks to the – magic of compounding.

         India opened its economy in 1991 and since then started its journey from developing nation to developed nation. The economic growth of India has made it one of the most preferred ‘Investment market’ in Asia for Foreign Institutional Investors. Earlier only Rich and Ultra-Rich people used to invest in Share Market but success stories of Reliance, Infosys etc.has attracted large number of retail Investors towards Equity and Mutual Funds investments. Funds in India are receiving huge cash flow from retail segment and it will keep increasing more in the future.

Interest income on other Investment avenues has decreased significantly over the last few decades and Inflation is eating up all the savings of general public. Therefore, it has become mandatory to Invest in Equities and equities related products/instruments. Those who don’t have enough knowledge of Share Market invest in Mutual Funds, where Professional Fund Managers manage their money. Others, who have good risk-appetite and some knowledge of Share Market invest directly in Stocks. Portfolio Managers are advising retail Investors to allocate more than 50% of their Investments in Equities and Mutual Funds.This is why learning basics of Financial markets has become necessary to each and every individual.

           As the name suggests, this blog will completely focus on Stocks i.e. Equities. In this blog, we will share fundamental analysis and technical analysis basics, equity research, stocks ideas, best portfolio creation and management techniques, best stock-picking methods and so on. There are many educational blogs available on the internet about Stocks Investment. So, instead of creating posts on Theories, we will prefer to make this blog more practical and applied one. Whenever and wherever it is necessary, we will explain the relevant concepts. This blog will help you create a winning portfolio and achieve your financial goals successfully. Keep Reading!

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