Financial Goals and risk appetite of people differ from each other. Therefore, for Investors it is important to get ‘personalized financial solutions’. ‘Personalized Services’ is the USP of Stocksbaazigar. We never generalize our customers. At Stocksbaazigar, you will always get ‘customized solutions’ tailor-made for you.

Financial Planning

Stocksbaazigar provides Customized Financial Planning solutions to clients.  We guide them step-by-step and assist them to achieve their financial goals in stipulated time.

  1. Establishing Client- Planner relationship
  2. Gathering data and determining financial goals
  3. Analysis of financial health and risk profile
  4. Developing a Financial Plan
  5. Implementation
  6. Monitoring & Evaluation

Financial Education

Stocksbaazigar is committed to making India financially literate. The blog posts by Stocksbaazigar will help you learn many important aspects of Investment and Wealth Management. Stocksbaazigar offers short-term courses on the basics of share market to new Investors. wiz.

  1. Introduction to Financial Markets
  2. Basics of Fundamental Analysis
  3. Basics of Technical Analysis

Apart from the blog, you can see video tutorials by Stocksbaazigar team on Social Media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

    Equity Research


Wealth creation is easy when you know where to invest your money? For creating a winner portfolio one should have access to great equity research. Stocksbaazigar provides one-pager equity research report to its clients.  The research is carried out for all 3 types of Investing styles.

  1. Value Investing
  2. Growth Investing
  3. GAPR based investing

Newsletters and Emailers

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Through our Newsletters and Emailers, we provide various updates to our clients. wiz.

  1. Portfolio Ideas
  2. Trading Ideas
  3.  Market Updates
  4. Business News
  5. Next big Ideas