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  Everything about Stocks…

‘Stocksbaazigar – an ultimate wealth creator’ is the first venture by Doddamani Group – a conglomerate formed by Mr. Deepak Doddamani on 19th February 2018. This Website is about Personal Finance and Wealth Management Services. But the main focus of Stocksbaazigar will always remain ‘Stocks’. Here you will find Equity Research, Stocks Ideas – Trading and  Portfolio Stocks Ideas etc.

Financial Literacy…

‘Financial Literacy’ is also one of the important goals of this website.  Mr. Deepak Doddamani teaches Investors basics of ‘Stocks Market Investment’ and ‘Financial Planning’ on various platforms. He is active on Facebook Page and YouTube Channel of ‘Stocksbaazigar’ where he creates ‘Live Videos’ and discusses Market Updates, Stocks Ideas, Investment basics regularly.

Investor Education…

Apart from Facebook, you can also take his guidance through the Courses which he has created on ‘Unacademy’ platform. Unacademy is one of the best online education platform having the largest repository of ‘online courses’ created by ‘Unacademy Educators’. Stocksbaazigar Mr. Deepak Doddamani has created various courses on Financial Planning and Share Market on Unacademy. Most of the courses created by Stocksbaazigar Mr. Deepak Doddamani on Unacadmy platform are in Hindi.

Profile of Deepak Doddamani on Unacademy
Stocksbaazigar on Unacademy

Please follow Stocksbaazigar Mr. Deepak Doddamani on Unacademy to take courses made by him. To follow Mr. Deepak Doddamani on Unacademy Click here.

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