About us

Stocksbaazigar is the first venture of Doddamani Group – an Indian conglomerate founded by Mr. Deepak Doddamani on 19th Feb 2018. More than just a brand name, Stocksbaazigar is a philosophy of becoming a master in share market by gaining tremendous knowledge and expertise through consistent efforts.

About Stocksbaazigar:

www.stocksbaazigar.com website was launched on 19th February 2018. Stocksbaazigar provides services like Financial planning, equity research, and financial education etc. It works only for a limited set of clients and provides them complete customized financial solutions.

Please note Mr. Deepak Doddamani is not a SEBI registered Financial Adviser. He doesn’t have any Portfolio Management Services or Advisory Services. Stocksbaazigar is completely about Investment Analysis, Financial Literacy and Stocks discussions. One should also subscribe to YouTube channel of Stocksbaazigar for the better understanding of Blog posts on Stocksbaazigar.

The vision of Stocksbaazigar:

Stocksbaazigar aspires to create a financially literate India

The mission of Stocksbaazigar:

  1. To spread financial literacy
  2. To help Investors create a great Investment portfolio
  3. To help increase Financial Inclusion in India
  4. To create the best educational content on Personal Finance subject
  5. To provide the best Equity Research to clients

Philosophy of Stocksbaazigar:

Customization is the key to the success of Financial Planning.


Stocksbaazigar – The Ultimate wealth creator

Our Approach

   Stocksbaazigar provides services like Financial Planning, Equity Research, Financial Education etc.

     To focus on our quality of services, we serve only a limited number of customers. It helps us provide them complete Financial Solutions on highly customized levels.

Wealth creation is a long-term process and it needs great Client-Planner relationship. We focus on personalized services based on financial health and risk profile of clients.


Stocksbaazigar website is launched on 19th February 2018. It is a part of Doddamani Group, an Indian Conglomerate founded by Deepak Doddamani which works in diversified sectors wiz. Education, Personal Finance and Business consultancy etc.

The content on this website is copyrighted. It shouldn’t be reproduced in any form. Strict action will be taken against the plagiarist.

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Contact Mr. Deepak V. Doddamani or WhatsApp him your query at 9167402581